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Brew Vibes

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Truly Great Tea

We are the leading tea manufacturer, packaging and trading company in Pune area. Our founder first opened the doors of their Brew Vibes tea shop in 2019.It has been our goal to share the whole leaf tea experience with tea enthusiasts around the world.

Our Each tea purchase comes with organically and ethically grown loose the leaf tea, carefully blended to create the perfect cup.

Our tea expert go to great length to make tea properly-from tasting 1000s of teas a day.We have built close relationships with brilliant tea gardens with share our love of fairness, flavor and quality, and we trade in a way that respects people and planet.

We also deal in...

Family Mixture Tea

Available in losse as well as in 30kg pack


Available in losse as well as in 30kg pack

Dust Tea

Available in losse as well as in 30kg pack


Explore the World of Tea and See Magic

You know tea is one of the most consumed beverage in the world.

And you know what is big wonder about tea ?
Its all types come from the same plant, yes its true- they're all from the Camellia Sinesis bush, but how they're processes after harvest produces their very different aromas and flavors.

Whatever kind of tea you choose to enjoy, the art of blending tea is a combination of creativity and expertise and our S AND S COMPANY expert have enough experience in this field to choose best tea for you.

Brew Vibes

Black tea are rich, tasty and healthy

In India people mostly enjoy black tea over green tea and white teas for its bold, earthy flavor and its energizing and hydrating effects.

You know what black tea make different from green tea is that black tea is fermented and green tea is not.

To make black tea, leaves are harvested and withered and then crushed, torn, curled, or rolled and allowed to oxidize before being dried. As a result the leaves darken and develop a stronger flavor and aroma.  

Our Brew Vibes  Black tea’s rich taste makes it the perfect base for celebrated tea blends like Chai and Kombucha.


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