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How to make Lemon tea and Health benefits of lemon tea

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Ingredients require for making lemon tea (for 6 Member)

  • 1 table spoon Brew Vibes black tea

  • 1 lemon

  • Cinnamon

  • sticks

  • 2 spoons sugar

  • 6 cup boiling water

Procedure to make lemon tea

Step1. Take Large tea pot

Take large tea pot and add water in it and start heating it.

Step2. Add tea leaves and sugar and lemon slice

Add 1 tablespoon of brew vibes black tea and 2 spoons sugar or depend on your taste and lemon slice in teapot. You can cinnamon at this stage for nice spicy taste. Now start heating for 5 minutes.

Step3. Pour this mixture through tea strainer into cups or glass etc.

Now your tasty Brew vibes lemon tea is ready.

Brew vibes black tea
Punes best black tea

Read the Health benefits of Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is full of health benefits.

1. A good Detoxifier

One of the benefit of lemon tea is that it clean your body from inside by removing toxins from system.

2. Good for treatment of cold and flu

Lemon tea with ginger if you drink this 3 to 4 times daily, it will not only give you relief from a sore throat, but also boost immune system and keep you warm during winters.

3. Cardiovascular benefits

Black Lemon tea provide protection against cardiovascular diseases. Black tea contains flavonoids that reduces lipids and prevent the formation of blood clots in arteries.

4. Natural antiseptic

We all already know that lemon is nature’s antiseptic. Lemon tea possesses anti-bacterial and antiviral properties and regular consumption helps in treating infection and diseases.

5. Improve digestion

Lemon tea improves digestion through it calming effect. This is because it remove toxin from body and make body free and energetic. The citric acid in lemons aids in digestion and helps to dissolve kidney stones.

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